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The Aglou Saga : 4 paintings - from original chaos towards a perfect balance
AGLOU (Sidi Moussa, province of Tiznit - south Morocco).
The first painting has been realized in 1978, originally an automatic drawing (filling of space). The three other paintings were designed as a direct extension of the first, free from the influence of the intermediaries versions.
One can note, by observing the four paintings, the progression from original
chaos towards a perfect balance, result of introspective auto-analyze
feverish and exhausting, which, although having wasted eight years of possible unconcern, were extremely enlightening. These images are mirrors: though having been conceived through personal theoretical search, every body remains free to find his own interest there and make his own interpretation of it.

Aglou 1 -
Conceived and realized in 1978 in a cave between the desert and the ocean, in the south of Morocco, on a simple drawing paper sheet of 21 X 27 cm. Without any starting idea, if not to let the pencil follow the whims of the hand and a tormented spirit.
750 x 539 px  (568 KB)
Aglou 2
Realized during the second and third years which followed Aglou 1, this painting shows in a repetitive way two opposite characters: Charles Darwin, apostle of Rationality, and Salvador Dali, master of Irrationality.
744 x 650 px  (782 KB)
Aglou 3 -
This third version of the painting realized five years after the first one is, just like the series of the Arcanes of the Tarot, placed under the sign of the Duality Female / Masculine.
650 x 650 px  (766 KB)
Aglou 4 - Permanency of Good and Evil
Last version of the picture, conceived and realized in 1985/86 (triptych 260 X 130 cm), which expresses the accession to a certain balance, the agreement of harmony and disorder.
750 x 372 px  (530 KB)

 Artist:   RicMeric  Contact Artist 
Now and then, Richard Meric's goal is to track the greatest mystery of the created world: the double nature of all things. His main concern is to send clear and pleasant messages for the soul, bring positive feelings to his human fellows. So, one should not be astonished to find the traces of this search in the majority of his pictures, in which the Masculine and the Feminine figures are reconciled or clashed, the top and bottom, the inside and the outside merge, the heat and the cold being harmonized despite the violence of the primary colors which he uses, at the pure state.


  • Shrapnel
    Shrapnel: Wow! There's a ton going on in these images. Nice stuff!
    6/3/2013 6:30 PM
  • Jubal-Cain Jones
    Jubal-Cain Jones: really enjoy your work , you capture the fluid sense of metamorphosis.
    8/27/2015 6:53 PM

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