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Want to suggest a Feature or Category?

Is there a feature or category that you wish this site had? Make a suggestion and add your voice to the community. I presently have a very long list of features I am planning to add to this site but am always looking for new suggestions.

Suggesting an Image Category

Categories should have at least something to do with the main theme of the site, but that doesn't mean they can't creatively push the limits. Anything you feel is somehow relevant could be a good suggestion. A category that is too narrow or specific might not make it onto the site if I don't think that enough people would make use of it. One that's too broad isn't necessarily a bad idea, but it may need to be sub-divided. Sometimes the best suggestions are simply sub-categories of existing categories.

Suggesting a Link Category

As with Image Categories, suggestions for Link Categories are welcome. If you want to exchange links with this site but can't find a relevant link category, email and suggest one.

Suggesting a Feature

The most important thing to remember when suggesting a feature is to think through how it would work, and explain it in detail. Even features that seem very basic can sometimes have a lot of underlying complexity, so consider the details of how it should function.

Suggesting a Whole New Site

Do you like this site, and wish there was one like it for a different topic? This site is one of a growing number of photo gallery/community websites that I have built and host, and I am always looking for good ideas for a new site to start.

To make a suggestion please see the Contact Us page

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