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Paxton Mobley
Paxton Mobley was born in Shreveport, Louisiana, in 1970 and spent most of his life on the Elk River in northern Alabama. After receiving his degree in studio art and art history in 1992 from Queens University in North Carolina, he moved to California to pursue his art. Since then, Paxton's career has blossomed and grown, with numerous shows, awards and publications. Paxton's most long lived and well-known style is that of his dream inspired works of art called Midrealism. It was in 1993 when Paxton first began working on an inspirational new writing that later gave rise to his first manifesto of Midrealism. This writing pushed his art away from the Surrealism movement he was so fond of and into his own new style. Through Midrealism's new theories and beliefs Paxton has found a unique way to share his dream inspired art with the world. In 2003 Paxton began creating a new imaginative fantasy art world called Tridoria. This new world, while still occasionally using dreams as inspiration, does not follow the theories and guidelines laid down in his writings on Midrealism. Tridoria is based more on creating a unique mystical/fantasy world full of fascinating characters, races and environments. Tridoria is not characteristic of what most would consider traditional fantasy artwork. Due to Paxton's background in dreams and surrealism, his fantasy paintings seem to have an added flavor of the unusual. Tridoria has now become a dominant style along side Midrealism, pushing Paxton's artwork to an even higher level of creative expression.


Profile Link: http://www.SurrealArtists.org/PaxtonMobley

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