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Rezo Kaishauri
"Surrealism is not the way you live, act or feel. It's the way you dream. We, who call ourselves surrealists, are marked by the Lord himself with a slightest touch of insanity. Creative insanity that is, granting the freedom to transform reality, to reach beyond visible, and to display the possibility of impossible. My personal goal, as a surrealist, is to represent the unreality with maximum reality, trying to make you believe in what you see. This is what Salvador Dali did the best." -- Rezo Kaishauri.


Profile Link: http://www.SurrealArtists.org/RezoKaishauri

Rezo Kaishauri's Gallery Pages

Black Coffee (1995-2000) ( Images: 15 )

Black Coffee II (2002-2009) ( Images: 15 )

Body Language (1995-1996) ( Images: 10 )

Body Language II (2001-2010) ( Images: 7 )

Paranoia (1995-1998) ( Images: 10 )

Paranoia II (2002-2009) ( Images: 10 )

  • SirJohn
    SirJohn: I find your work to be quite stunning. As much as photorealism looks so concrete and... real... I find it to be rather boring. Surrealism on the other hand is something that has always spoken to me on a deeper level... a level I can immediately relate to. To me, it is the truest form of art. It is the ultimate in creativity and imagination. When I look at a portrait of a regular person in an everyday setting, I see nothing more than that. Surreal imagery lets my minds eye interpret the many facets of what it is seeing. Your work is a phenomenal representation of what TRUE ART is to me.
    10/1/2013 2:55 PM

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