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Sasha was born and raised in a small town in Ukraine, close to the Polish border. Even though she possessed natural talent and was significantly influenced by her father, who was also an artist, her creativity was suppressed by the communist society that surrounded her. It is not until many years later, after moving to San Francisco and meeting her husband Richard, that she was brought back to life as an artist and began her creative journey anew.

Although educated and certified in several lucrative fields such as oil production and computer networking, Sasha has turned all aspects of her life toward a creative path. With little formal training, she applies her talent and passion to various forms of visual communication. Her brightly colored and vivid creations can be found in various private collections throughout the western United States. Sasha releases her creativity through many media including Digital graphics, oil on canvas, photography, mixed media, pen and ink, charcoal, pencil and sculpture.

Sasha is now running her own graphic design company in the beautiful Colorado foothills, where she also lives with her husband Richard and son Evan. When not creating for her self or clients, she teaches private art classes to children and adults while making plenty of time to be a loving and caring wife and mother.


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