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Sonny Ngo

When deeply absorbed in creating a drawing, painting, etc., it induces an altered state of consciousness, thus harmony with oneself and with the macrocosm achieved.
It became a way of life.
It is a method or a way to expand the view or horizon and comprehension of life.

-Sonny Ngo

Seek inspiration from within yourself, hold your pencil and just start to doodle, happy or sad, just doodle... let your hand go freely, whatever thoughts comes into your mind let your hand draw it...
the image will naturally reveal itself, you will know when it is already done, you will feel it...
the more you doodle the more you will be absorbed into your craft, your intuition will flow naturally, more ideas will pour out and the more inspired you will be...
sad or happy, just doodle... at the end of your every doodle, image will be disclosed...
you are creating and therefore you are evolving, whatever emotion you have, it will keep on refining... you'll feel joyful at the end.

-Sonny Ngo

Draw, paint, write or create not because you are inspired but because you'll get inspiration from doing it, the more you do it, the more inspired you become and you inspired other people as well.
PRIMARILY, it is a TOOL to get inspiration, to create and evolve, to refine your whole being.
To use it as a MEDIUM for conveying your ideas, emotions, subconscious is SECONDARY.
It is a way of life, make it your way of life.
The KEY is the DOING itself.

-Sonny Ngo

Sonny Ngo
Bulacan, Philippines

Profile Link: http://www.SurrealArtists.org/SonnyNgo

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  • SirJohn
    SirJohn: Lovin the new work Sonny. So glad you are sharing it with us.

    1/12/2014 5:48 PM
  • Sonny Ngo
    Sonny Ngo: Thanks! :-)
    2/6/2014 4:05 PM

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